If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email events@animeleague.com. We also advise to check out the convention’s section on the forums here.

We recommend to check out the cosplay and stage events rules HERE before participating.

There are three types of events – 

1. Events that we recommend to Pre Signup For (With Signup Links)
We highly recommend to signup beforehand to guarantee a spot and so we can make you aware of any issues with your performance.

– Cosplay Masquerade – Signup Here.
– Talent Show – Signup Here.

2. Events that you Signup For on the Day 
You do not signup online beforehand for these events. Instead you signup on the day at least half an hour beforehand in the appropriate areas for the following –

– All Video Gaming Tournaments – Signup at Desk in VG Room.
– All TCG Tournaments – Signup at Desk in TCG Room.
– Stage Events – Signups at Main Stage

^ Note you can’t just turn up to these events, you still need to signup for them.

3. Events that you can just turn up to 
The vast majority of our events you can just turn up to and not need to fill in any signup forms. If in doubt don’t hesitate to ask our team.

– Workshops (Though some more popular workshops may require you to signup on the day beforehand – please go to the workshops room and ask if in doubt)
– Dub That Anime 
– Clan Battle Showdown 
– Karaoke – On Day (Just Turn up)
– Big Geek Quiz – On Day 
– Big Geek Raffle
– Guest Signing/Photography Sessions (May be queuing time)

^ Even though you can just show up to take part, we still advise to arrive 10 minutes beforehand to avoid disappointment!
If you’re unsure about any events, come ask a member of crew.